Heli-Boreal is a company whose reputation for providing reliable and secure services is well established. Operating across Canada, Heli-Boreal specializes in many industry sectors. We focus on offering a range of conventional and value added flights in order to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Mineral exploration

Héli-Boréal puts an experimented team at its clients’ disposal to support mining programs. We bring excellence in our transport service of geologists and in moving drills.

Geophysical survey

Héli-Boréal has a qualified team of geophysical surveyors working across Canada. Our work consists in overflying a targeted area at low altitude in order to get information on soil composition using electromagnetic equipment attached to the helicopter.

Wildlife survey

Héli-Boréal has extensive experience in wildlife surveying. We implement survey and marking programs for monitoring purposes by satellite (telemetry) of several animals.

Passenger transport

Héli-Boréal ensures passenger transport in geographically remote or inaccessible areas so they can carry out maintenance work of all sorts on telecommunication, power line construction and electrical plants sites.

Construction & line patrol

Héli-Boréal works closely with the construction industry by providing aerial lift support. The variety of models in our fleet, in addition to our pilots’ expertise, allow us to suit the needs of our customers and therefore offer outstanding helicopter services to the construction industry.

Forest fire fighting

Héli-Boréal also specializes in fighting forest fire with a professional crew of pilots and rescuers.