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Eurocopter Astar BA+

Engine Lycoming lTS101
Empty weight 2780 pounds
Maximum weight 4691 pounds
Maximum external 4961 pounds
Number of passengers 5 + pilot

Héli-Boréal operates ASTAR BA+ aircraft for carrying out activities in various sectors such as mining exploration, forest fire fighting, passenger transport and construction. The ASTAR BA+ model’s specifications mainly focus on its excellent quality/price ratio and in the safety aspect of its operation. The ASTAR BA+ owes its performance – recognized as best in class – to the power of its engine unit. This transport helicopter can accommodate up to 6 passengers in front-facing seats which ensures maximum comfort. ASTAR BA+ transport helicopters have also been designed to improve the built-in manoeuvrability system and to reduce the pilot’s workload. Renowned for its great versatility, the ASTAR BA+ model also ensures excellent visibility and gives off low vibration levels. ASTAR BA+’s capabilities have also been improved to optimize its performance and efficiency.